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Case Study: Lover's Lane

BOPIS & Loyalty Integrations


"Love has rewards" Lovers Lane loyalty webpage


Lover's Lane

Virid helps regional retailer meet customer needs with loyalty programs and omnichannel offerings.

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Omnichannel Delivery and Customer Retention Program Integration



Virid does a great job keeping up with trends, solutions, and ideas. Definitely will continue our engagement.

- Alana Savard
Lover's Lane Web Content Manager


Lover’s Lane is a regional retailer that focuses on being an education-based, rapport-building resource that focuses on sexual health and well-being. Lover’s Lane sells lingerie and romantic gifts in a setting that presents an upscale, luxury look and feel. The brand emphasizes personable experience with enhanced customer service 

The Approach

As a retailer with a local physical presence, Lover’s Lane needed a way to provide services to their local customers. Additionally, Lover’s Lane wanted to create a loyalty program that rewards its loyal customers and increases retention and satisfaction. The brand also had a goal of allowing gift cards to be purchased online to use in-store or on the website. 

The Solution

Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store Services

With the closure of stores, retailer Lover’s Lane turned to alternate options to serve their local customers.  Already on Virid's marketAgility platform, Lover’s Lane turned to us to help them augment their omnichannel options. Lover’s Lane has locations in Michigan. Illinois, and Indiana for a total of 33 physical retail locations. Virid implemented Buy Online, Pick-Up In-Store (BOPIS) services to meet customer needs when brick-and-mortar in-store shopping was not available. Curbside pickup was first implemented which also allowed customers to pick up their orders in-store, once store shopping restrictions were eased. 


Our team understands the complexities of managing online and store inventories to ensure that products are available to customers to Lover’s Lane’s clientele. The BOPIS services were implemented in mid-2020. Lover’s Lane more than recouped their initial investment to build the BOPIS services within the first month of operating these additional delivery optionsDespite any interruption the COVID epidemic may have caused to their business, Lover’s Lane saw a 274% increase in sales in 2020.  


Loyalty and Payment Additions

The goal of the loyalty program project was to provide a convenient method for Lover’s Lane’s customers to access loyalty points, rewards, and customer profile information. Virid provided Lover’s Lane with a custom solution, known as "Frequent Lover" to its clients, to meet their loyalty needs. Virid tailor-made this solution and integrated the loyalty portal with Lover’s Lane’s website. This loyalty integration also enabled additional gift card methods as a form of payment.


Once the program launched in January of 2021, customers could earn loyalty points with both website and store purchases and these points are accessible for use both in-store and online.


Sales increased 274% year-over-year


Average revenue growth in the first year for a Virid client is 46%


Client recouped BOPIS investment within the first month

The Impact

Virid helped Lover's Lane strengthen their position in a challenging market with loyalty and omnichannel offerings. These services allow Lover's Lane to reinforce relationships with its current customer base and meet customers wherever they are, whatever their needs. 


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