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All-Inclusive Ecommerce Website Assessment


Virid is one of the few eCommerce agencies in the US that offers a free hands-on website audit.


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"Working with Virid has opened up a lot of opportunities for us to increase efficiencies in our eCommerce business. And having a team that can make any integration happen to meet our needs has been invaluable."

- Carmen Lopez, Current Boutique CEO


Hands-on Assessment by Industry Pros


Increase Site Speed & Conversion Rate


Actionable Results in a Detailed Report

What's Included?

We begin every engagement by analyzing your eCommerce website from top to bottom, assessing everything from site speed and schema tags to Google Analytics set up, WCAG, UX best-practices, and more.

We go over your site with a fine-toothed comb to find hidden opportunities for you to improve your bottom line.*

Engaging Customers

  • Does my site performance meet expectations?
    • (Speed, Mobile Friendliness)
  • Does my site help customers discover products easily?
  • Do I include features that help convert purchases?
  • Can I make it easier to check out on my site?

Driving Traffic

  • Is my site code up to Web Industry Standards?
  • Do my pages use structured data schema correctly?


  • Does my site meet WCAG & ADA requirements?

*These assessments offer a limited review of some of the factors that may affect user experience and should not be interpreted as an exhaustive analysis. It is offered as an example of limitations that ultimately could have a negative impact on conversion rates and that represent examples of industry best practices.

Three Simple Steps:


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3. Once we have completed the assessment, we will send an executive summary of our findings within 1-2 business days




"Partnering with Virid has helped Peltz work with our technology, not against it. We've been able to integrate with new tech partners and develop a truly omnichannel experience for our customers."

- Steve Chase, Peltz VP of eCommerce & Marketing

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