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Case Study: Windsor

Helping Fast-Fashion Retailers Grow and Thrive Online


Windsor Case Study


Helping Fast-Fashion Retailers Grow and Thrive Online.



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Retail Apparel



Buy Online, Pick-Up In-Store Implementation

Aptos, KWI, SAP, NetSuite + Custom Integrations


The team at Virid has provided continued technical and strategic support to help our business grow over the years. We love working with them!”

– Windsor eCommerce Team


Fast fashion eCommerce operates at a pace and volume that make fast, efficient back-end systems crucial.  Women’s apparel retailers A’GACI and Windsor are just two retailers that Virid has worked with.

The Problem

In fast-fashion retailing, high inventory volume and churn rates create a need for more capabilities in merchandising and inventory syncing. The intense pace also puts pressure on retailers to continuously update eCommerce sites with new product information and promotions.

The Solution

Virid’s partner program offers fast-fashion retailers access to dozens of vetted, best-of-breed third-party vendors, ranging from fulfillment solution providers to marketing firms. This allows retailers to build out their tech stack with vendors they can trust.

To help keep products moving and inventory accurate, Virid builds custom integrations with an extensive range of product management/inventory management systems. These include real-time APIs to legacy file-based feeds with systems such as Aptos, KWI, SAP, and NetSuite and custom systems such as JASCI, Jesta, Oracle Commerce, Resale World, and JDA. When the right integration doesn’t exist, Virid’s experienced in-house senior development team creates one.

Virid clients have also benefited from merchandising power features such as bulk product actions, targeted workflows, detailed reports, and content automation.


The Results


Sales increased 106% year-over-year


Average revenue growth in the first year for a Virid client is 46%


50% reduction in page load time

Fast fashion retailers like Windsor and A’GACI have seen immediate improvements in eCommerce sales following implementation of Virid solutions.

  • When Virid replatformed the eCommerce website of fast fashion retailer A’GACI, sales increased 106% year-over-year in the first week following launch.
  • Average revenue growth in the first year for a Virid client is 46%.
  • Virid clients typically see a 50% reduction in page load time.

Other results include a decrease in inventory overselling and improvement in order accuracy.

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