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"Finally, Enterprise grade technology we can afford."

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When You've Outgrown your eCommerce Platform

The right ecommerce platform actively helps you build your business by increasing efficiency and delivering digital assets to customers at lightening speed.

You don’t want to worry about technology or infrastructure as you grow, so marketAgility does that for you. The marketAgility platform was built for speed, scale, and efficiency while providing an exceptional level of value for an enterprise class software solution. For over 15 years, marketAgility has been the go-to name for brands experiencing explosive growth.

Underinvestment in your infrastructure creates an artificial technological ceiling between you and success. MarketAgility helps you break right through.


Spend Your Time Selling, Not Battling Software Limitations

Experiential Exceptional Gains in Operational Efficiency

Batching & Automation

Batch upload product images for auto-cutting, update inventory with a delta file, automate happy hour sales, and more. Your ecommerce software should improve your efficiency at every turn, not add cycles and force redundant processes.

Seamless Integrations

With built-in integrations and the most extensible architecture available, marketAgility will tie together your inventory, ERP, accounting, fulfillment, warehousing, and shipping softwares with ease and update each in real-time.

Incentives Galore

One of the most powerful incentive engines on the planet means that you won’t be limited by your software anymore, just your imagination. Set it and forget it with automated start and stops with “best-deal” rules built into every customer’s cart.

The Only Thing Holding You Back Should be Your Imagination

This is High Octane Fuel for Your Growth Engine


The Microsoft Cloud offers many advantages, and we’ve optimized for all of them. Instant scale is a promise too many providers struggle to keep. With marketAgility in the Microsoft Cloud, you won’t even notice the change—your store keeps performing at top speed under any load.




End to end PCI Tier 1 compliance ensures the highest level of data security and transactional safety for you and your customers. Active monitoring and automated DDOS deflection keep your store running while you focus on the business.




The marketAgility ecommerce platform doesn’t care whether it’s a slow day or a heavy day, your site has some of the fastest page rendering times possible. A few milliseconds of response can be the difference between a bounce and a sale.




If you’re tired of the limitations of most themes and the “can’t do” attitude of most SAAS providers, you’ll be thrilled at the level of customization you can achieve with marketAgility. From a customizable shopping cart to product personalization, we’ve got you covered.



A Rich History of Retail Growth

With over 15 years of experience behind us, Virid has had the privilege of working with some of the most exciting brands in retail. marketAgility has been a key factor in these companies’ ability to grow their online operations at multiples of industry average.

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Extraordinary Enterprise Value

The latest version of marketAgility in the Microsoft Cloud is a huge step forward in digital retail. For the first time, a much wider variety of retailers have access to a true enterprise-class platform. With one of the lowest total costs of ownership (TCO) in the industry, marketAgility is the least risky option for growing digital retailers while providing the greatest upside.



* Now With Price Flexibility

We pride ourselves on being flexible when it comes to bundling and pricing. None of the above quotes include a revenue sharing component, but we are certainly open to contracts that reward us for helping you grow, keep your upfront costs low, and your long term risks in check.

The Ultimate Platform for Growing Retailers

Virid’s mission is to help busy retailers grow faster, smarter, and leaner than they would on their own. We’ve proven our value time and time again by increasing our clients’ efficiency and increasing the capacity of their webstore resulting in huge benefits. While results certainly vary, our average retail partner** sees the following benefits simply by moving to the marketAgility ecommerce platform:



* The numbers you see here are the actual average (mean) value of all the clients we’ve had on our platform and their peak benefits over the first year of our relationship.

Take the First Step on Your Path to Success

The path forward is clear. Investing in your future has never been easier with a low cost of ownership and immediate results apparent in your bottom line. Get in touch today and discover the difference between small and success.


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