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Using a Roadmap to make site changes

A roadmap ensures that you are accounting for:

  • The right resources
  • Planning stages
  • The right timing

Brian discusses the importance of creating an action plan when making site updates.

This stage takes months to prepare and enact the critical changes needed.

What Makes a Good eCommerce Site

Our Sales Director Brian reviews what makes good websites stand out from the crowd

Checking for Accessibility Compliance
Brian reviews what eCommerce retailers should consider reviewing in order to ensure website accessibility and ADA/ WCAG compliance.
Fulfillment Strategies for eCommerce

Emily reviews the various options retailers have to deliver products to their customers including BOPIS, In-Store Pick Up, Curbside Delivery, and Ship to Store. 

Using Facets to Increase Product Discoverability

Take filtering to the next level. Facets improve discoverability by filtering products by their features and characteristics.

In this video, Ivan explains how to improve your website with facets and custom filters.