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Case Study: Current Boutique

Replatforming, Tech Stack Updates, and Web Design




Current Boutique 

Encompassing site migration, redesign, app strategy, and custom feature creation. 

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Applies To: Project Type: Platform:

Fashion Retailers

Wholesalers and Marketplace Sellers

Brick-and-Mortar Retailers


Custom Integration: Store Credit, Affiliate Links, Consignor Experience




Klaviyo, Affirm

Working with Virid has opened up a lot of opportunities for us to increase efficiencies in our eCommerce business. And having a team that can make any integration happen to meet our needs has been invaluable.”

– Carmen Lopez,
Current Boutique CEO


Current Boutique's replatforming to Shopify included a variety of needs including data migration, app selection, building custom features, and creating a robust customer experience.

The Approach

Current Boutique's goal with Virid was to create a curated customer experience that met the unique needs of their customers with features that are flexible, but robust. 

The Solution

Current Boutique re-platformed to Shopify from another platform for Shopify’s cost benefits and custom functionality capabilities. Virid’s engagement with Current Boutique included migrating its old site contents and data and updating the site’s tech stack. With the new site, Virid created a new design for Current Boutique, with existing and custom app integrations incorporated.   

Data Migration

One of the most difficult parts of re-platforming is the major task of migrating data to the new site. Data migration is especially important to maintain the security of that data from one point to the other and is a process that requires extensive technical expertise. Secure transfer when moving between sites is needed to maintain the privacy of client and proprietary business information. The new site must also meet industry standards for security, threat protection, and be ADA/ WCAG compliant.  


Code Efficiency

Current Boutique's new site included a new custom design which Virid set up and tweaked the theme as well as adding custom features. A focus of this site relaunch was to maintain code efficiency while providing new features. Balancing these two attributes is important when considering user experience and site speed. With complex features integrated, creating efficient coding prevents "spaghetti code" that is unstructured and difficult to maintain. Virid additionally helped Current Boutique select and install certified apps from the Shopify space.  


App Strategy

Virid integrated existing certified apps, Klaviyo and Affirm, into Current Boutique’s custom design. Klaviyo is an e-commerce-specific tool that offers various marketing features and campaign abilities with advanced targeting and analytics. Affirm was styled to appear seamlessly in their theme for qualifying items or purchases. Affirm is an installment-pay option for purchases above a certain price. This app allows customers to pay smaller sums divided up over an extended period.   


Legacy System Custom Integration

Virid was also able to create an individually-custom integration with Current Boutique's legacy ERP, CRM, and POS system: Liberty. This updated product feeds so that newly-available products could be added to the website almost immediately and inventory updated as close to real-time as possible. Virid constructed a custom consignor experience in addition to the customer accounts, creating a solution to their unique business model. They are also able to view consignor and custom features on their account. As a customer, they can see their account information, previous orders, and order statuses. For consignors, they have the additional features to see what items they have currently listed, items sold, and profit from sales. 


This added functionality for Current Boutique consignors, allowing them to:

  • Look up their balances on the website  
  • Use balances as store credit to make purchases  
  • Check to see if their products had sold  
  • Submit cash-out requests   

Consignor Experience

As part of providing an enhanced customer and consignor experience, Virid created a way for consigners to use the profit from item sales as store credit on the Current Boutique site. By using Rewardify and implementing this functionality, Current Boutique can give their customers a true omnichannel experience. The ability to have store credit was created using Rewardify so that Current Boutique doesn't have to register the balance as another tender type. Consignors are able to use store credit in any of their physical locations or online. Their account syncs across locations, updating sales profit earned and credit used, so customers always see an updated balance. 


Affiliate Links

The last piece of updating Current Boutique's tech stack was integrating the ability to use affiliate links. As part of Current Boutique's marketing strategy, they work with customers and influencers to drive viewers to the site. Virid created an integration between Shareasale and Shopify to accomplish Current Boutique's goal. Shareasale is "performance-based marketing that allows publishers (affiliates) to partner with brands to promote their products and services while earning a commission for every transaction they influence." 

The Impact

Current Boutique incorporated new and existing tech when replatforming to Shopify, creating a robust customer experience and an effortless shopping and selling experience. Virid delivered powerful, custom solutions to empower Current Boutique’s business. Since launching on Shopify, Current Boutique has seen a 285% increase in mobile sales and a 51% increase in site visitors. The new website has given Current Boutique the tools to continue to grow its business and ensure its success. 

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