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Case Study: Lover's Lane

Loyalty Program, CRM Integrations, and Custom Payment Gateway




Lover's Lane

Encompassing the loyalty program, UX/UI, integrations, and customizations.


Applies To: Project Type: Platform:

Online Retailers

Loyalty Program

Custom Integrations

Custom Payment Gateway




Teamwork Retail CRM


Lover's Lane, a specialty product merchant in the Midwest, operates 33 brick-and-mortar stores and has a solid regional presence marked by a base of loyal, returning customers. Virid was tasked with revamping their loyalty program to better serve customers.


Lover's Lane recognized the need for their existing loyalty customers to easily access and manage their loyalty points. They sought a solution to convert loyalty points into credits for online orders, providing extra omnichannel visibility so that customers could utilize points both online and in-store. Additionally, any new system needed to integrate seamlessly with their existing Teamwork Retail CRM software.

The Solution

Virid implemented robust integrations with Teamwork Retail CRM to facilitate real-time communication. This integration included the development of a custom payment gateway that allowed loyalty points to be used as tender for online purchases. Virid also ensured that loyalty gift cards could be used online or in-store.

To promote the new program, Virid enhanced branding efforts, incorporating it site-wide and developing dedicated landing pages for off site advertising.

The Impact

The revamped loyalty program launched in January 2021. This initiative marked a significant advancement in establishing omni-channel capabilities, increasing customer satisfaction with the ability to check loyalty points on their mobile devices. Following the launch, Lover's Lane recorded a 274% year-over-year increase in sales, demonstrating the powerful impact of integrating a seamless loyalty experience across all customer touchpoints.

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