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Case Study: National Wildlife Federation

Site Rebuild, Card Customizer, Custom Integrations




National Wildlife Federation

Encompassing the move to marketAgility, Integrations with 3rd-party providers, and custom-built card customizer.


Applies To: Project Type: Platform:

Online Retailers

Site Migration

Custom Integrations

Custom-Built "Card Customizer"




"The Occasions Group" Software


The National Wildlife Federation, a national fundraising nonprofit organization, has been serving the community since 1936. Known for its strong national presence, the organization endears strong loyalty from its long-standing customer base.


The NWF faced a significant challenge when their current e-commerce provider announced the discontinuation of platform services. They needed a new partner to build a site consistent with existing corporate branding and integrate with their third-party greeting card printing company.

The organization required a card customization engine similar to their outgoing platform for both individual customers and corporate clients placing large volume orders. Maintaining a lean budget was also a crucial consideration due to their nonprofit status.

The Solution

Virid selected the marketAgility platform to develop a site that could seamlessly integrate with various third-party providers.

We developed integrations with email, catalog, and subscription providers that did not offer real-time access.

Using HTML5, we created a customizer to maintain the legacy look and feel, allowing customers to add logos and imagery, provide custom text, and visualize their cards online.

Integration with "The Occasions Group" software enabled the seamless transfer of customization data from the printer to the website, minimizing merchant interaction.

Additionally, custom order integrations were developed to translate customization options into the required format for printing. Features were added to allow customers to save and edit customizations at a later date and manage previously uploaded imagery for future purchases.

The Impact

The implementation of the new platform led to a near doubling of sales in the first year. Error rates and customer service calls were significantly reduced. The merchant was able to launch many new cards with minimal effort. Customer reviews praised the new features and functionality, and revenue has continued to increase steadily since the launch of the new platform.

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