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Case Study: Journeys

Buy Online, Pickup in Store (BOPIS), Custom Integrations, and Customized Checkout Flow





Covering Buy Online, Pickup in Store and several complex integrations and customizations. 


Applies To: Project Type: Platform:

Online Retailers with 

brick & mortar locations

Buy Online, Pickup in Store (BOPIS)

Custom Integrations

Custom Checkout Flow






Journeys, a retail giant with over 1,800 stores and managing more than 100,000 SKUs, offers dedicated web inventory alongside daily updates from store inventories. The brand had previously implemented a ship-to-store option that took 5-7 days to fulfill orders.


Journeys faced challenges as customers expressed a desire to browse products online and then pick them up in-store. The need for accurate, up-to-the-minute store inventory on their site was critical. Store inventory files were massive and cumbersome to process quickly. Additionally, customers required the ability to purchase multiple products from a single store and needed notifications when not all products were available at the same location.

The Solution

To tackle these challenges, Journeys leveraged the marketAgility Inventory System, capable of processing millions of rows in under 60 seconds. Inventory updates were supplied to the storefront every 5 minutes.

Integration with FedEx allowed customers to pick up orders from FedEx Dropboxes, increasing accessibility for those not near a brick-and-mortar store.

The checkout flow was enhanced with curbside pickup options and alternate name and phone number support, enabling someone other than the purchaser to pick up the order.

Additionally, customized checkout flows provided clear "what’s next" instructions for customers opting for in-store pickup.

The Impact

The solution was initially launched in select stores prior to BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday) 2023, achieving a 10% Buy Online, Pick Up In Store (BOPIS) adoption and an 8% increase in orders. The success has continued into 2024 with plans to expand to additional stores.

This initiative has not only increased revenue for brick-and-mortar locations but also significantly increased omni-channel visibility for customers, opening opportunities to sell products online that were previously only available in stores.

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