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Case Study: Current Boutique

Helping a Retailer Interact More Effectively With Customers and Consignors


Case Study - Current Boutique


Current Boutique

Helping a Retailer Interact More Effectively With Customers and Consignors.

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Industry: Use Case: Integrations:

Retail Apparel


Website replatforming

Tech stack updating

Custom integrations


Working with Virid has opened up a lot of opportunities for us to increase efficiencies in our eCommerce business. And having a team that can make any integration happen to meet our needs has been invaluable.”

– Carmen Lopez,
Current Boutique CEO


Current Boutique is a fashion retailer that operates a small chain of stores in the Washington, D.C. area, in addition to maintaining an eCommerce site. It features quality designer clothing and accessories on consignment, as well as a curated selection of new clothing and accessories.

The Problem

Current Boutique was lagging in delivering to its customers and prospects, with marketing and sales results falling short. Newly stocked products were slow to appear on the website, and consignors had limited ability to conduct business with Current Boutique online. The retailer turned to Virid for help in replatforming and updating its tech stack.

The Solution

The Virid team was able to normalize Current Boutique’s data from a legacy system, which meant that newly available products could be added to the website almost immediately. 

Virid also added functionality for Current Boutique consignors, allowing them to:

  • Look up their balances on the website
  • Use balances as store credit to make purchases
  • Check to see if their products had sold
  • Submit cash-out requests 

The custom integration with the legacy inventory consignment system was achieved without normal API calls.

To address marketing concerns, Virid recommended the platform Klaviyo, which could be used for marketing via email, Facebook, and Instagram. The Virid team integrated Klaviyo-required integration with Current Boutique’s website platform.

The Results

Thanks to Virid, Current Boutique was able to streamline its back-end processes to deliver products and content to customers more efficiently. Consignors have also been pleased with the website’s improvements.

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