Web Application Developer II

The Web Application Developer is responsible for developing and maintaining the client websites on the marketAgility platform. Their day to day operations involve managing their role in servicing client eCommerce site changes, implementing new integrations with 3rd party systems, and servicing the front-end infrastructure as needed.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Responsible for designing, developing, testing, implementing, and maintaining web-based application systems, such as user interface, e-commerce applications, site animation.
  • Troubleshoots and solves the software issues.
  • Researches technical problems and suggests improvements for web applications.
  • Analyzes and integrates new web products\technologies with existing web applications to improve the web design and application functionality.


  • Typically requires a bachelor’s degree of Computer Science or a related field.
  • Knowledge about one or multiple commonly-used web developing languages (e.g., HTML, Java, PHP, JSP, ASP.Net, Python, AJAX) is necessary.
  • Typically reports to a manager.
  • Gaining exposure to some of the complex tasks within the job function.
  • Occasionally directed in several aspects of the work.
  • Typically requires 2 to 4 years of related experience.

Career Path

Key differentiators from Web Application Developer I

  • Ability to manage aspects of the work
  • Ability to oversee overall solutions
  • Strong knowledge of industry tools and technologies

Key Activities to advance to Web Application Developer III

  • Demonstrate ability to manage small teams
  • Demonstrate ability to take ownership of overall solutions
  • 2 years of experience in role


Median Salary: $89,900

Range: $77, 000 – $102,000

Average Bonus: 3K

Graph showing the projected median income for a Web Applications Developer 2 in Reston VA at $89931



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About Virid

Virid was founded in 1999 to help brands custom design and rapidly deploy eCommerce web sites. After implementing numerous solutions on various platforms, Virid recognized the need to provide a solution that is flexible enough to adapt to the various business needs of a diverse variety of ecommerce retailers. Today, our platform continues to evolve to meet the needs of an even broader market.

We value resourcefulness, adaptability, and a desire to keep learning and improving. Because of this, every employee is allocated $1000 annually to continue their education, and certifications achieved in job-applicable areas are rewarded with a personal bonus. We encourage our teams to take time to teach each other, and believe asking questions leads to a better customer experience.

Perks of working here include standard needs like great health benefits for you and your family, paid time off, and a competitive salary, but also a flexible work experience, company celebrations and happy hours, and free access to our building’s fitness center and yoga studio.