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Spend Your Time Selling, Not Battling Software Limitations

Three apparel products on a listing page with star ratingsYou don’t want to worry about technology or infrastructure as you grow, so marketAgility does that for you. The marketAgility platform was built for speed, scale, and efficiency while providing an exceptional level of value for an enterprise class software solution. For over 15 years, marketAgility has been the go-to name for brands experiencing explosive growth.

Make your Products Shine

Every retailer knows products don’t just sell themselves. Our platform gives you the merchandising tools you need to show your products in the best, most buyable light, with compelling media and features to support discoverability. Take advantage of bulk and automated product management options to speed your work flow, while retaining full control of merchandising at the per product level. Help your products be found by search engines so you can find new customers. Our clients see an average of 50% growth in sales in their first year with us, so you know we’re doing something right.

Powerful Product Merchandising

Instantly create new categories and easily merchandise products in multiple categories. Create product filters based on size, color, price or even custom product attributes. Quickly cross- and up-sell products to encourage bigger sales.

Enhanced Product SEO

Create custom URLs for your products and categories, and edit the behind the scenes SEO product metatags. The marketAgility ecommerce platform even supports auto-created or custom image alt-tags for that extra SEO boost.

Flexible Media Management

Our platform easily handles product videos, 360 degree views and multi-angle product images. Manage assets individually, or efficiently upload master product images in bulk and have marketAgility automatically crop and tune them for the web.


Empower Marketing

While a clean, converting web storefront is vital to your success, “build it and they will come” is NOT the business strategy that will grow your business.  Your marketing team needs every leg up they can get to help drive customers to your site and maximize the return on those ad dollars by ensuring customers convert when they arrive. Incentives, in-site ads and custom landing pages help you get more from your campaign investment. We’ve built the marketAgility platform to enable your marketing team to be able to speak directly to your customers without having to get a developer involved.  With a selection of pre-built easily editable content types, WYSIWYG editors through out, and easy drop in locations for affiliate tags, we’re equipping your marketing team to drive sales success.

Campaign Optimizers

Sending an email campaign or launching a PPC ad? Create a custom URL for your latest customer communication, then craft your own campaign landing pages with our easy WYSIWYG page editor – no tech needed! Drop in tracking tags in our pre-built slots, or leverage deeper integration with your email provider – top providers already have plug-ins ready to go! Create supporting in-site banner ads and sliders in advance and control Go Live dates with ‘set it and forget it’ scheduling.

Incentive Engine

Design the coupon of your dreams with marketAgility’s absurdly flexible incentive engine. BOGOs, Gift with Purchase, Single Use Codes and Cart/Product/Shipping Discounts are just the tip of the iceberg. ‘Set it and forget it’ scheduling allows your team to create incentives days, weeks or even months in advance, and have them turn on and off automatically. Most importantly our incentive use reports allow you to see how successful your promotions were for your bottom line.

Easy-to-use CMS

The marketAgilty ecommerce platform comes with many useful content types available for easy dev-free management. Write and publish compelling Blog posts using our built in Blog content type. Create clickable product-linked Catalogs from your existing assets with an easy online editor.  Manage customer product reviews in marketAgility, or upgrade to Revere, our premium review tool for advance language filtering, Q&A and Image/Video reviews, and robust customization options.  

Order Mastery

Don’t just manage your orders, master them. The marketAgility Platform was designed to give you maximum visibility into all the order details while streamlining the process of getting your products into your customers hands in a timely, efficient way.

Efficient Order Search

Batch your order fulfillment any way you like. You want single-product, overnight shipping orders go out first? No problem. Perhaps you want to get the large orders going to the other coast out of the way first. Easy Peasey. Your team can Sort and Filter orders by a huge variety of options including destinations, shipping method, products, order status, order size, stock levels and more.

Branded Customer Communications

Take advantage of an underutilized customer branding opportunity with our customizable order communications. Set up your picking slips for in-warehouse efficiency and design the packing slips to wow your customers. The marketAgility eCommerce platform has a suite of built-in order life-cycle emails, you can customize and send, with no developers needed.

Extensive Shipping Options

Pack and ship through an easy-to-use interface and leverage the shipping company, or companies, of your choosing. Select different companies per shipping method and use our extensive rules engine to exclude certain products from some ship types, or adjust the customer shipping charge up or down based on item count, order total, or even specific product attributes.

marketAgility Black Friday Report Card

2 Days

1.7 Orders Per Second

15x Normal Traffic

Zero Downtime, Queues, or Bumps

Money Management

You’re in business to make money and we know that. From opening new markets by accepting a variety of payment methods, to helping you make sure you get your money, to making sure you have the numbers you need to make smart choices, our platform has you covered.

At-Risk Order Flagging

Older orders are automatically flagged by the platform in fulfillment, so you can make sure you have up-to-date payment information BEFORE you ship out products. Our powerful rules-based fraud flagging stops risky looking orders from even entering fulfillment unless you’ve approved them.

Flexible Payments

Use the payment providers of your choosing and accept a wide variety of payment types, including credit cards, gift cards, Paypal, loyalty points, and even money orders and checks.  Our flexible plug in infrastructure allows you to adopt new payment types faster.

Built-in Reports

The marketAgility platform includes core sales reports and far more. ‘Fulfillment report card’ helps you speed order turn-around, see which products are ‘uncategorized’ so you can “get them on the shelf”, watch ‘top sellers’ to stay ahead of demand, and ‘sku stock out’ shows what went faster than expected.


Inventory Flexibility

Your inventory IS money – it’s dollars invested and money still to be earned. Fully maximizing the opportunity that your inventory represents can be the difference between breaking even and big profits. The marketAgility ecommerce platform allows you to see what you have where, what you need to get before you need it and allows you to tweak stock mid stream to keep customers happy and sales coming in. You’ll have every thing you need with marketAgility but retain the flexibility to use the inventory and fulfillment system that you want. We track all the web inventory – just tell us how many we have and we’ll take it from there. If you already have an inventory management system, we’re happy to get our available stock numbers from your existing system. Same thing for order management – use our system for shipping or we can get updates from your own pick, pack and ship, to keep numbers as accurate as possible.

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This is why we love you; you solve our business problems.
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Inventory Integrations

Manage web inventory direct in our ecommerce platform, or in your existing inventory management system. We have pre-built plugins for many inventory management systems as well as an included system-agnostic product and inventory feed, that can handle everything from count changes to a full cycle count. If we don’t have the integration built that best meets YOUR needs, our experienced development team can build a custom integration just to suit.

Multiple Inventory Locations

marketAgility can track inventory from multiple inventory locations allowing sales and fulfillment from alternate warehouse locations, or even direct from stores. If desired, customize your site with a ‘find in stores’ option to capture sales you would have otherwise missed as well as provide cross channel support for your brick and mortar locations. SKUs can also be tagged with both locations AND Warehouse Zones to make finding them on the shelves even easier.

Product Inventory

The flexibility of the marketAgility ecommerce platform allows controlled over-selling/pre-sales via an administrable threshold, and setting SKU-level back-order dates to better communicate products status to customers. You will have full visibility into the marketAgility inventory history per SKU, including inventory puts and takes within our system, orders placed, and any inventory updates given to us from external systems, like shipments or inventory adjustments.