The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

Like any great team, the pieces of our technology solution bring out the best in each other.

The core of the marketAgility platform is built to take full advantage of everything Microsoft’s cloud hosting environment has to offer. The front-end framework incorporates everything the marketAgility site administration tool has available, as well as eCommerce and web tech best practices. The marketAgility eCommerce platform, Microsoft hosting, and optimized Storefront work perfectly together to create a blazing fast, rock solid customer experience, fully optimized to sell.

Our plug-in infrastructure allows for maximum flexibility in partner choice and if we don’t have an integration, we can build it. We add additional supporting technologies to our package – monitoring to ensure uptime and extensive security controls to protect you and your customers’ data. All these technologies have been fine-tuned to work seamlessly together, giving you a powerhouse system to support your eCommerce goals.

Robust, battle-tested eCommerce platform

The latest version of marketAgility in the Microsoft Cloud is a huge step forward in digital retail. For the first time, a much wider variety of retailers have access to a true enterprise-class platform, along with all the support needed to maximize its value. With one of the lowest total costs of ownership (TCO) in the industry, marketAgility is the least risky option for growing digital retailers while providing the greatest upside.

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A Storefront That Sells

Your Storefront is the face of your company to your customers, and it’s vital that you get it right. We start your custom Storefront build with a heavily-tested site framework that incorporates all the industry UX and conversion best practices, but allows for maximum flexibility in the look and feel. This approach allows us to stand up a rock-solid site quickly, without forcing you to abandon your brand and use templated cookie-cutter styles, like other technologies do.

Fully Customized Look and Feel

No need to pick from pre-designed ‘themes’ – your Storefront should be YOURS and designed for YOUR customers.

Mobile out of the box

Built on a multi-breakpoint responsive framework that is closely coupled with the marketAgility platform to take full advantage of all platform features.

Better SEO

Your storefront incorporates custom product, category and page URLs and microtagging for enhanced product search listings.

Made to Convert

Our proprietary storefront framework incorporates a slew of industry best practices, designed to maximize conversions and provide a top-notch customer experience.

More Data = Smarter Decisions

Google’s Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics is baked in so you can get more information from the second you launch.

Staging site included

Make content changes or test new incentives on the behind-the-scenes staging site without affecting your customers’ online experience on your live Storefront.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting

Behind-the-scenes infrastructure decisions are vital to the success of your entire enterprise, and poor choices can result in you paying more — either in unneeded capacity or lost sales.

We’ve taken that whole burden off  your team and built a package offering with the best-in-class Enterprise hosting provider, Microsoft Azure. Hosting your entire site infrastructure in Microsoft’s Azure gives you powerful state-of-the-art Enterprise grade hardware, access to redundancy across global data centers, constant data backups and the ability for your site to automatically scale.

That means your site data is safe, your page load times won’t be bogged down by your infrastructure, and when the “Oprah Effect” hits, you’re covered. We can handle 10x or even 100x your normal site traffic with the click of a mouse.

The Oprah Effect

The Oprah Effect

When our client was endorsed by Oprah,  she sent millions of visitors to their Virid built and hosted eCommerce site over the span of a few hours. Our solution was built to scale and handled the surge without issue. Since then, we’ve referred to similar situations as “the Oprah effect”, and we’re ready for it.

Our special Microsoft relationship means you get more than just hosting — you get a tech giant backing your site.

Top-tier Microsoft Partners

We’re more than just Azure clients – we’re official partners with Microsoft and have been for over a decade.

Azure Advisory Board Member

Our CEO is a member of this invitation-only group of the tech elite who help shape the future of Microsoft’s technology.

Microsoft Premier Support

We have direct line to premier support with Microsoft’s in-house Azure experts, which helps us serve you faster.

Azure Beta Features Access

Our early access gives us a head start so we can fast track implementation of the latest and greatest, when it’s right for you.

Rich Ecosystem of Enhancing Technologies

We want you to have the technology that’s right for you, which is why we maintain an ever-growing variety of partners and integration options. From email providers, to inventory and warehouse management systems, to social moderation providers, we’ve got a huge selection of companies we and our clients know well. With so many years in eCommerce, we’ve run into just about every provider more than once, and we’re happy to share our experiences or flag technical considerations.  We partner with a wide variety of industry leaders, but we consider our clients the ultimate arbiter of who’s “best”. If our clients don’t like a partner, or aren’t interested, then they aren’t our partner — it’s that simple.

Pre-built Integrations

Pre-built Integrations

After nearly 20 years of building eCommerce sites, we’ve integrated with a huge roster of 3rd party providers on behalf of our clients. Some partners are so popular, we’ve done away with implementation costs by making them standard with our plug-in architecture.

Partner Selection

Partner Selection

With so many partners out there, it’s hard for a retailer to tell the bad from the good. Our team can help walk you through the selection process, assessing how solid a provider’s solution is, pointing out things to consider, and equipping you to make the best choice for your business.

In-house Integrators

In-house Integrators

If one of our existing partners isn’t a good fit, our experienced developers are on tap to build a custom integration with whoever works best for you. Our development is never outsourced or offshore – your integration team is sitting right next to the teams who built the marketAgility eCommerce platform and your site, ensuring the cleanest integration.

24/7 Monitoring - Trust, but Verify

Even with the most stable platform and storefront, there are a million other outside factors that could affect your site’s performance – domain controllers go off-line, denial of service attacks from hackers, 3rd parties just stop responding, even the internet itself can have issues. Over our decades in the technology, we’ve seen that something can go wrong on the web in the blink of an eye. That’s why we have 24/7 monitoring set up, with not one, not 2, but 3 different outside firms, and a multitude of alerts built into the platform and sites themselves. We’re constantly pinging every Storefront we build and host to test uptime and response time, because we know that seconds lost are sales lost. We also closely monitor hundreds of performance indicators on your site’s hardware, the marketAgility platform and all integrations. If there’s so much as a hiccup, we’ll know, and we’ll be on it.

PCI Level 1 Certified – Data Security is Our Priority

We’ve baked ‘risk-aversion’ into our company culture. Your site and your data is the most valuable thing to you – so it is to us too. We train every team member multiple times a year on security best practices: Storefront Developers, Platform & Integration Team, Account Managers, and even the Sales Team. Our platform, integrations, and hosting all incorporate security protections far above and beyond what’s required by PCI. You might even call us “paranoid,” and we’re OK with that. Your data security is worth it.

Security Vulnerability Scans

 We’ve contracted a Payment Card Industry Council approved outside security firm to run site security vulnerability scans on your site, your site admin tool, and even on your test staging site, at least once every 30 days.

Full System Penetration Testing

A PCI approved firm will regularly have white-hat hackers try their hardest to gain access to anything in our system, and they alert us to any potential problems they find so we make it better.

Outside Auditors for Process and Code Security Reviews

All our company security practices, code, processes, and even our door locks are reviewed by a PCI approved auditor. Anything and everything is fair game.

The result? Year after year, we are certified at the most rigorous levels of security testing.

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