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Technology alone is not enough.

You need a skilled team to help make your site hum. You need someone to call with questions, who knows your business and can help you get the most from your eCommerce tech. You need skilled developers to build and grow your Storefront, and all the integrations that support it.
You get all that — and more — when you work with Virid.

Storefront UX and Development

Your Online Storefront is the face of your company to your customers. With a skilled team, it can take your sales and customer satisfaction to new levels. Our cross-functional Storefront team includes front-end technology experts, technical SEO specialists, and UX/design pros – all with deep backgrounds in eCommerce.

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Custom Technology Integrations

A solid storefront is just the tip of the technology iceberg needed to support a successful eCommerce business.  Platform onboarding and future integrations can be tough to navigate, but we’re there for you. Our experienced in-house development team handles what lies beneath, ensuring smooth sailing.

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Support and Training

Technology is only as good as its application — that’s where our Account Managers come in. They’re by your side your first day with Virid and stay with you throughout our relationship. Part partner, part project manager, and part eCommerce tech consultant, our Account Managers are all about helping you succeed.

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Talking about our team

  • We view the team at Virid as an extension of our own team versus that of a traditional vendor.  The entire Virid team is very accessible and has been incredibly responsive to our needs for the 12 plus years we've worked with them.
    John TigheJourneys
  • The team is extremely responsive and knowledgeable, but it’s their unparalleled dedication to their client’s success that really impresses me! You won’t find a better partner.
    Melody M. Relios
  • From the beginning Virid has been the kind of partner that makes the argument for outsourced services.  Virid, and their marketAgility platform, has played a vital part of giggle’s more than 400% online growth. The easy to use marketAgility tools, ability to add custom features and site reliability are some of the reason for such growth.  We’re thrilled with their excellence and commitment to being part of the giggle team.
    Ali WingFounder and CEO of giggle
  • You guys have been amazing. Thank you for everything you have done to make this happen.
    Valerie T.Tory Burch
  • You are making my process better and more efficient from a systems standpoint than it has been the whole time I've been here. I planned out how I wanted it well and you guys pulled it off flawlessly; Thanks.
    Shawn Bowser, Web Fulfillment Manager Bakers
  • Just a quick note to say "Thank You" for all of your and the rest of the team's efforts in creating and making our new website a reality. The project has been challenging, fun, interesting, exciting, educational, and more...  I believe the adventure is only beginning. We're very excited and look forward to a great future with Virid as a partner. Thanks again...
    Chris S.Bakers

Online Storefront Team

Our experienced cross-functional Storefront team includes front-end technology experts, technical SEO specialists, and UX/design pros – all with deep backgrounds specifically in ecommerce. These team members are the ones to get your websites up and running with our heavily tested front-end framework that incorporates ecommerce best practices, enables a fast speed-to-market and lowers costs, and allows maximum flexibility for our team to “make it yours”.

Extremely savvy, this team is on top of the latest and greatest technologies, continually hunting for opportunities to make your Storefront better. This super-skilled team is always available to help you through the ongoing website enhancements required keep your site relevant and optimized for today’s demanding web shopper.

HTML/CSS: 11 years
Javascript: 8 years
Front End Development: 11 years

Storefront Builds and Customizations

On-Demand Look & Functionality Development

Technical SEO Monitoring & Audits

Continual Storefront Feature Development

Interactive/UX Design


Platform Development Team

The Platform Development team focuses on enhancing the marketAgility eCommerce platform through new features and functionality, or by linking outside technologies to the platform with plug-ins and custom integrations. Unlike other eCommerce development companies, the team that builds the platform also builds the integrations, ensuring the most efficient, stable, and robust integration solution, every time.

When you work with our platform development team, you get experienced, dedicated eCommerce professionals who create technology solutions that are right for your business — not just what’s easiest or quickest. They can translate “tech talk” into “human talk” so that you understand how our technology will affect your operations, empowering you to make smart choices beyond just your platform.


Microsoft Technologies: 18 years
Database Management & Optimization: 20 years
Software Development: 23 years

Plug-in Development & Support

Custom Integration Development & Support

Platform Feature Development

Custom Report Development

Data Imports & Exports


Account Management Team

Our Account Managers are master relationship builders and will get to know the specific needs of your brand and nuances of your team. Account Managers act as your go-to experts on the marketAgility eCommerce platform, offering training and general tool support. They know the tips and tricks to make your eCommerce efforts more efficient and your day easier.

Your Account Manager will help connect you to development resources and walk right along with you, whether you’re in the middle of a website build or working on new website features. They are dedicated to leading your project to completion and helping you each step of the way. Always just a phone call or email away, this team exists to make your life easier.


eCommerce/Retail: 10 years
Client Services/Project Management: 15 years
Internet Development: 9 years

Daily Support

Platform Training

Project Management

Partner Referrals & Assessments

Site Change Management


Open Positions

  • August 8, 2017
    Business Development Representative
    Virid is looking for a dynamic, highly motivated Business Development Representative who can identify new business opportunities for us by conducting outbound business development. We seek a strategic solution seller to leverage our world-class service offerings in web strategy, usability, user experience design, and technology for effective web sites, portals, intranets, and Web applications. This position is “front line” on […]
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