Our Solutions

Virid's comprehensive eCommerce solution lowers TCO transforms online businesses helps retailers grow

For over 20 years, Virid has provided retailers with a packaged solution that includes software, hosting, integration support, and ongoing technology consulting from a team that understands your business.

The Packaged Solution

Powerful Software

Our core platform has been battle-tested through years of use by our high-volume clients, and was built so you can easily swap in new partners as your needs grow. The clean interface makes the day-to-day management of your online Storefront easy and efficient.

Custom Storefront

Your custom Storefront starts with a flexible, technical site framework that incorporates eCommerce best practices, and speeds your time to launch. We work with design partners, or leverage your company’s existing branding, to make your new Storefront uniquely yours.

Expert Team Support

Weekly calls with your personal Account Director give you time to ask questions about the platform, or consult on new feature development. You’ll have access to our experienced developers–available to design and build new features, or assess potential new vendors.

Hosting & Monitoring

We handle your hosting on the Microsoft-owned Azure Cloud with ongoing site and server performance monitoring. Our security standards and quarterly testing ensure your business is in line with the top consumer protection regulations.

The Platform

Fully Customized Look and Feel

No need to pick from pre-designed ‘themes’ – your Storefront should be YOURS and designed for YOUR customers.

Mobile Out of the Box

Built on a multi-breakpoint responsive framework that is closely coupled with the marketAgility platform to take full advantage of all platform features.

Better SEO

Your storefront incorporates custom product, category and page URLs and schema.org microtagging for enhanced product search listings.

Made to Convert

Our proprietary storefront framework incorporates a slew of industry best practices, designed to maximize conversions and provide a top-notch customer experience.

More Data = Smarter Decisions

Google’s Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics is baked in so you can get more information from the second you launch.

Staging Site Included

Make content changes or test new incentives on the behind-the-scenes staging site without affecting your customers’ online experience on your live Storefront.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting

The Hosting

Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting

Hosting your entire site infrastructure in Microsoft’s Azure gives you powerful state-of-the-art Enterprise grade hardware, access to redundancy across global data centers, constant data backups and the ability for your site to automatically scale.

That means your site data is safe, your page load times won’t be bogged down by your infrastructure, and when the “Oprah Effect” hits, you’re covered. We can handle 10x or even 100x your normal site traffic with the click of a mouse.

The Oprah Effect

When our client was endorsed by Oprah,  she sent millions of visitors to their Virid built and hosted eCommerce site over the span of a few hours. Our solution was built to scale and handled the surge without issue. Since then, we’ve referred to similar situations as “the Oprah effect”, and we’re ready for it.

Our relationship with Microsoft means you get a tech giant backing your site

Top-tier Microsoft Partners

We’re more than just Azure clients- we’ve been official partners with Microsoft for over a decade.

Azure Advisory Board Member

Our CEO is a member of this invitation-only group of the tech elite who help shape the future of Microsoft’s technology.

Microsoft Premier Support

We have direct line to premier support with Microsoft’s in-house Azure experts, which helps us serve you faster.

Azure Beta Features Access

Our early access gives us a head start so we can fast track implementation of the latest and greatest, when it’s right for you.

A Tech Ecosystem to Help You Grow

The Ongoing Integrations Support

Pre-Built Integrations

Partner Selection

In-House Integrators

The Security & Monitoring

PCI Level 1 Certified- Data Security is Our Priority

We’ve baked ‘risk-aversion’ into our company culture. Your site and your data is the most valuable thing to you – so it is to us too. We train every team member multiple times a year on security best practices: Storefront Developers, Platform & Integration Team, Account Managers, and even the Sales Team. Our platform, integrations, and hosting all incorporate security protections far above and beyond what’s required by PCI. You might even call us “paranoid,” and we’re OK with that. Your data security is worth it.

  • Security Vulnerability Scans
  • Full System Penetration Testing
  • Outside Auditors for Process & Code Security Reviews

The result? Year after year, we are certified at the most rigorous levels of security testing. 

Learn about PCI Security Standards