Virid’s Partner Program Solves Retailers’ Business Challenges [Case Study]

Virid’s Partner Program Solves Retailers’ Business Challenges [Case Study]
February 21, 2019 Rachel Hobble
Current Boutique eCommerce site homepage

In 2016, Current Boutique became a Virid client. The online consignment retailer, based out of Alexandria, VA, was faced with an influx of orders that their current eCommerce platform and integrations could not sustain. They looked to Virid to help them replatform and update their tech stack. Virid offers their own enterprise-grade hosted eCommerce platform, marketAgility, as well as an entire suite of integrations to suit the needs of their clients. These partnerships with third-party vendors were born out of the Virid Partner Program, which matches clients with best of breed third-party services, as well as ongoing eCommerce consulting. If clients have a need for a particular third-party service, Virid’s Partner Manager Ivan Silva will vet multiple vendors, even if they are not current partners, to make recommendations on the best fit for the client.

After discussing Current Boutique’s goals, Silva believed that email, Facebook, and Instagram marketing platform Klaviyo, was the right fit for the retailer’s email marketing needs. “Our suite of APIs makes it easy for partners to build custom integrations with Klaviyo,” Sarah Wachter, Klaviyo Integrations Product Manager, said. “We know the core of any marketing strategy is having the full view of your customers’ behavior, so we want partners to have the tools to build exactly what they need. We’re always working to improve and extend our APIs to give developers even more flexibility.” Based on Silva’s recommendation, Current Boutique decided to move forward with Klaviyo’s platform.

Although marketAgility did not have an existing integration with Klaviyo, the Virid team worked quickly to complete the integration so Current Boutique could begin to utilize the marketing platform, directly from their marketAgility Admin dashboard. “As Partner Manager, it’s my role to support our clients by giving them access to a wide range of service providers that can meet their needs. Based on the client’s specific challenges, we will make recommendations for their tech stack, and if the right integration doesn’t already exist, we’ll build it,” says Silva.

Since beginning work with Virid and Klaviyo, the Current Boutique team has been able to streamline their back-end processes to deliver products and content to their customers more efficiently.

“Virid’s Partner Program has opened up a lot of opportunities for us to increase efficiencies in our eCommerce business, Said Current Boutique CEO, Carmen Lopez. “Having a team that can make any integration happen to meet our needs has been invaluable.”

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About Virid: 
Virid is a team of eCommerce experts providing a comprehensive solution for growing retailers. Virid’s unique offering includes an enterprise-grade hosted eCommerce platform with 24/7 monitoring, website development, and ongoing technical and strategic support from a results-oriented team. The marketAgility Cloud Platform, developed by Virid, is built for speed, scale, and efficiency, while providing an exceptional value for an enterprise class software solution. For nearly 20 years, marketAgility has been the go-to name for brands experiencing explosive growth. For more information, please visit

About Klaviyo: 
Klaviyo is a marketing platform designed to pull in and store all relevant transactional and behavioral ecommerce data and use it to power better email and advertising campaigns. For example, Klaviyo makes it straightforward to target and automate marketing based on consumer buying behavior (e.g. how much shoppers spent, the items they purchased, what they browsed but didn’t buy), their preferences, the way they usually interact with the retailer, and much more. For more information, please visit


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