Virid’s Aptos Integration Improves Windsor’s Merchandising Efficiency [Case Study]

Virid’s Aptos Integration Improves Windsor’s Merchandising Efficiency [Case Study]
February 25, 2019 Rachel Hobble
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When fast fashion retailer Windsor became a Virid client, they had hundreds of brick-and-mortar stores operating across the country and churned through inventory quickly. Windsor needed a more efficient process for merchandising products and turned to Virid for support.

Virid successfully completed a complex products and inventory integration with Windsor’s POS/PIM system, Aptos. This integration was built by Virid’s in-house development team and allowed the retailer to get products merchandised and for sale online faster. However, the integration went beyond the typical web-only inventory.

Virid’s integration with Aptos included store inventory, allowing Windsor to implement a ‘special orders’ feature on their website–customers could special order any in-store only product with a simple SKU look up, adding it to their online order. Those orders were specially tagged in the fulfillment process for the fulfillment team, who would then arrange for stock transfer, and ship the products to the customers. In mid-2018, the retailer completely rebuilt their warehouse and implemented a new end-to-end warehouse management system. Based on Virid’s previous successes integrating with Aptos, the retailer called on Virid to build a new integration between Aptos and the new WMS, to keep shipped inventory and order statuses synced across systems.

These deep integrations with the Aptos WMS and POS/PIM, along with Virid’s eCommerce platform marketAgility’s focus on improving merchandising efficiencies, enable Windsor’s team to stay ahead of the intense pace of fast fashion. And it is integrations like these that enable all clients to implement Shop by Store and Buy Online Pick Up in Store, improving the customer experience and opening up more paths to checkout.

Since working with Virid, Windsor’s inventory overselling has decreased and order accuracy is up, allowing the retailer to better serve its customers and achieve continuous, sustainable growth.

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