Virid Releases New Updates to the marketAgility Cloud Platform

Virid Releases New Updates to the marketAgility Cloud Platform
October 30, 2018 Rachel Hobble
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Virid understands the challenges that retailers face with their eCommerce businesses. The team recently added new features to the marketAgility Cloud Platform, designed to help their clients confidently enter the holiday season. In the latest release, the Virid team focused on speed, security and enabling new sales opportunities, both online and in stores. From helping merchandisers move faster, to enabling real-time data flow from 3rd parties and protecting and enhancing the customer experience, this newest release is focused on helping Virid clients get the most from this important season.

The updates to the administration tools are designed to streamline the process of getting products on the site through powerful new merchandising tools, including merchandising workflows, custom dashboards and rules-based content merchandising (or content automation).

Expanded options were added to the marketAgility Product Image Optimizer. This timesaving feature uses a single high-resolution image to automatically create all needed mobile and desktop optimized product images. New settings enable more selection for compression levels, the addition of WebP as a supported format, and auto-add of category listing rollover images.

The team also moved their suite of RESTful APIs out of Beta and made them more widely available to third parties. The public release of real-time Product and Inventory APIs coupled with these new merchandising tools can significantly shorten the process of getting a product from warehouse to for sale online. Support for real-time updates to BackOrder Dates means clients can sell products before they are even in stock, maximizing the holiday opportunity even if supply chain problems arise.

The focus on speed continues through the customer experience. API suite also includes Order and Shipping RESTful calls and supports webhooks, which open up real-time integration opportunities with fulfillment third parties. Order statuses can be updated instantly, saving many customer service calls, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Some of the platform updates enabled new features for client websites, creating new sales opportunities. Fully administrable Flash Sales mean that clients can use new category features and templates to create timed and gated sales, with no developer work needed. This latest marketAgility platform release also includes optimized store inventory processes, unlocking the ability for customers to ‘Shop by Store’ on a client site, by filtering available products by a chosen store location. The existing ‘Find in Store’ or ‘Reserve in Store’ features perform even faster than before. Enhancements to Blocks and Advertisements allow for a wealth of easily administrable dynamic new home page content options. These updates work in conjunction with code on the client’s website and help clients get more from the sales season.

“The Virid team is always looking for ways to help our clients grow. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner, we focused this release on features that will help our clients make the most of this peak eCommerce season. These updates to marketAgility will also help lighten the load on  merchandisers and customer service teams during a busy time, while still opening up new sales opportunities,” Said Director of Product and Operations at Virid, Lauren Shanta.

Virid has always believed in protecting client and customer information, and as a certified PCI level 1 provider, they have extensive security processes in place.  In this release, the team added additional levels of security to the marketAgility Admin tool, adding features like 2-factor authentication and extending the existing SSL protections to make them truly end to end. With the recent increased focus on personal information data security in the EU and California, customer data opt out processes were also implemented to support clients’ compliance work.

The Virid team is always looking for new ways to serve their clients as they continue to increase efficiencies and functionality in the marketAgility Cloud Platform. This latest round of updates will help their clients win this holiday season and continue to see growth in the new year.

For more information on the marketAgility Cloud Platform, please set up an appointment with a member of our team.


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