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Print + Digital Technologies = Postcard Retargeting



Since digital marketing has such obvious benefits with its low cost, high reach, and pervasive presence on mobile devices, it makes sense to always have a constant digital campaign running. But, there’s a limit and issue with cognitive load when too much digital overload reduces its effectiveness. With print in the mix, a marketer can blend the strengths of digital and print to create an effective – and balanced – marketing presence to their audience.


One example is Postcard Retargeting. Combining the relevancy, urgency, and timeliness of retargeting plus the power and response effectiveness of print, Postcard Retargeting sends direct mail to a website’s unconverted visitors.



Most people visit a website of a brand to inquire or purchase something, and most all of them leave. In fact, 97% of website visitors leave without converting.* It’s a staggering statistic, and one borne out across market types, sizes of business, and different websites.

Postcard Retargeting Reaches Unconverted Website Visitors!

To convert those users, most businesses deploy digital retargeting, but that channel has some gaps:

  • The ad-blind don’t see these ads anymore (which many studies show make up the majority of online shoppers)
  • 30% of consumers’ devices are now running ad-blocker software
  • Of the ads that finally do get seen, average response rates are less than 1% which means that 99% of purchased impressions remain unclicked

Postcard Retargeting fills these gaps by mailing to about 50% of unconverted website visitors. Because print media is so powerful, and the cards are being mailed to consumers who already expressed interest, response rates and conversions are much higher than other channels.


Ready to bring back your website’s visitors? Visit Modern Postcard to learn more. 

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Written by Chris Foster

Chris Foster is currently VP New Business Development at Modern Postcard, where he both brings new business ideas to life that add incremental revenue to the organization, and leads strategic efforts to strengthen the overall business. In addition, he has been teaching Brand Strategy and Positioning at UCSD Extension since 2009. He is an ongoing contributor to numerous professional publications, leads professional workshops, frequently presents for numerous professional associations, leads panels for professional summits, and also serves as Chair of the Brand Response Council for the Performance Driven Marketing Institute. For the past 20 years he has worked in all aspects of branding, marketing and creative direction for start-up, growing, and established business environments. He has a passion for helping any-sized business transform their brand so they can more authentically connect with their audience.