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Our Favorite Shopify Plus Features

The Features You Will Love
In the last year, the team at Shopify Plus has added features to help their 1.2 million users become more profitable. Here are some of the great features that may also add to your success.
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Native Rich Media Features (Video and 3D)
Shopify Plus is the only enterprise platform with end-to-end support for video and 3D. This means that all their merchants are able to use any combination of up to 250 images, videos, and 3D models. It's a great way to show off your products.
Shopify Marketing – Ad buying tools
Merchants can now reach a whole new segment of customers in just a few clicks. Ad buying tools enables merchants to buy digital ad campaigns that appear across the entire Microsoft Search Network, including Yahoo and AOL.
To enable this feature, click “create campaign” inside Shopify Marketing. Next, connect your Microsoft Advertising account to your store. You can now reach over 116 million unique searchers in the U.S. each month.
Pinterest is now shoppable
This new integration enables brands and retailers to easily reach more shoppers on Pinterest. Pinterest reported over 80% of weekly pinners having made a purchase based on a pin they liked. Currently, Pinterest has over 350 million users per month.
Shopify Fulfillment Network
After your customer completes checkout, Shopify Fulfillment Network takes care of everything else. All done while putting your brand and customer experience front and center.
You can now predict the closest fulfillment centers and optimize your inventory per location. This feature ensures fast and low-cost delivery. Shopify’s 'Smart inventory-allocation technology' is a win!
Easy Email Marketing
Shopify Marketing includes email marketing features to help connect with your customers. It's digital marketing made easier by consolidating all you need in one place. These features let you run marketing campaigns like an expert, even if you're not.
A new live chat feature is included, available within Shopify Ping for free. Once enabled, Shopify Chat will appear on all pages of your online store. Chat makes it easy for your customers to connect with you and your team. You can now answer their questions and drive more sales in real-time.
Accelerated Checkout
Accelerated checkout buttons on Shopify checkout enable a variety of quick payment methods including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and PayPal. Removing barriers to checkout makes your customers and your business happy.
Order Editing
This is a more advanced feature, but users can now change items on an order. This change requires the use of new order editing APIs to extend what your customers can control, decreasing the need for support calls. 
When enabling any of the features on this list, make sure you have an ecommerce team with the knowledge and skills to back you up. That's where Virid comes in! As an official Shopify Plus Partner, we're uniquely qualified to help you set business goals and get the most from your ecommerce site.

Written by Ivan Silva

Ivan Silva is the Senior Business Development Associate at Virid. His focus is on developing partnerships with ecommerce apps and service providers to help brands grow. Ivan believes that a brand and retailers’ success is predicated by how memorable each customer experience is and understands how to build an exceptional brand. Ivan has helped launch and develop award-winning sites for retailers and brands with Virid for the past eight years and has helped retailers and brands grow in revenue for nearly 20. Ivan holds an MBA focusing on project management and has an operations background in the B2B hardware industry, biotech tooling industry, outdoor sports retail industry, and experience as a graphic designer.