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The Next Generation of "Cashless Payment": Apple Pay

The Next Generation of “Cashless Payment”, Apple Pay

The iPhone X has taken over the smartphone market in the past year, but that’s not the only technological advancement by Apple entering the spotlight. A cashless payment app has put Google Pay- now “Android Pay”- to shame, and its name is Apple Pay. This cashless way to pay allows iPhone users to authorize payments with just a thumbprint or passcode. Leave your debit and credit cards at home because Apple Pay has you covered in up to 4 million locations, and this is just the beginning.

Need more convincing that Apple Pay is for you? Below are four more reasons why you need to get behind the next generation of cashless payment:

  1. Flexibility- Apple Pay has given their users the flexibility and opportunity to use any of the big eight major credit cards and banks, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, etc. In comparison, Android Pay has many limitations in connecting your major credit card to their cashless payment app.
  2. Security & Privacy- Apple Pay is safer to use than your physical debit or credit card. Apple doesn’t use your card number, but instead uses a device-specific number to make purchases. Merchants never get the chance to receive your personal information, realistically preventing a repeat of the Target scandal from 2013.
  3. User-Friendly- Apple Pay’s easy setup is a huge plus- scan each of your debit/credit cards into your iPhone and you’re on your way to quick and effortless cashless payments. In addition, Apple Pay’s new update means users are given the opportunity to pay other users over iMessage, or even by asking Siri to send a payment. The payment is made available for recievers immediately on Apple Pay or to transfer into a personal account.
  4. Adaptability- Users are not limited to just their iPhone when using Apple Pay. Any user now has the ability to access Apple Pay from an iPad or any Apple product. There is also the option to use Apple Pay for online purchases. Whether you want to order a pizza or book a trip around the world, Apple Pay is adaptable to your needs anywhere.

Apple has not only taken over the smartphone industry, but has now made their technology a crucial component of the consumer's daily life. Apple Pay is truly innovative because of its ability to build and improve on something that already exists. The next generation of cashless payment is upon us - are you being left behind?

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