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How Influencer Marketing Drives eCommerce Conversions

Influencer marketing has changed drastically in recent years. More and more retailers are finding that influencers drive eCommerce conversions and sales, yet few know how to properly leverage an influencer marketing strategy.

There is a distinct strategy to finding and building an influencer marketing network that is robust and is successful. 86% of brands used influencer marketing as part of their marketing mix. In an increasingly digital shopping landscape, user-generated content is a form of marketing that feels more authentic.

Influencers add a human element to the digital feel of eCommerce. Influencers can include employees, customers, celebrities, and content creators. They can show how your product really works, what their experience was with your service, how they uniquely use your product, or reveal new offerings for your company.

Using these sources as amplifiers for your business to increase sales and conversions is a smart way to grow your business. Understanding how to approach this type of marketing and seamlessly integrate it with your ecommerce experience can appear daunting and unapproachable. 


We’ve put together the ultimate comprehensive guide to eCommerce influencer marketing. This guide provides a foundation for how to research, implement, and analyze an influencer marketing campaign and integrate it with your ecommerce experience. 

You’ll receive insights such as:

  • How to find the right influencers for your brand
    • What does their following look like?
    • What are the demographics?
    • What is their niche market?
  • How to build partnerships with influencers
    • How do you build that relationship? 
    • Are you sending product? Personalized boxes? Compensation?
  • Technology considerations of influencer marketing
    • How are you managing your campaigns?
    • What channels are you using?
  • Creating measurable results
    • What does a successful engagement look like?
    • How did your customers respond?

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Written by Rachel Hobble