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SMS Marketing: Why You Need It and Where to Get Started

Did you know: The average adult spends nearly 74 hours a month on a smartphone and 66% of all email is now opened on a smartphone?

We’re clearly living in the “age of mobile.” It's the device we have with us most often and one tend to spend the most time on. SMS is a way of reaching dedicated customers who have opted to hear from you and offers another avenue to reach customers. 


So how can you use SMS -  alone, or in conjunction with email - to create omnichannel success?

Customers who have subscribed to both SMS and email have 25% higher engagement metrics than email-only subscribers. What’s more - with a 6% average conversion rate, they are definitely the customers you want to reach. Creating relationships across channels increases customer loyalty and conversion. Brands often use an initial SMS promotion or SMS-only deals to incentivize customers to sign-up. 

Despite those statistics, only 38% of businesses have adopted SMS as a way to reach customers. The most cited reason for the low adoption rate? Many brands simply don’t know how to get started.

Join SMS experts from Listrak as they walk through the current state of the SMS industry, sharing examples and results pulled from extensive research of nearly 1,000 brands. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How retailers can combine SMS and email to increase engagement and in-store conversions
  • How to increase lead generation with SMS
  • Some details you need to know when considering adding SMS to the mix: mobile acquisition tactics, weekly broadcast message examples, transactional and triggered messages, etc.
  • Best practices, new ideas, and how you can reach your goals

Watch the webinar on demand!

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Written by Zach Trimble