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Managing Your Reputation on Amazon

With thousands of merchants all selling their products in the Amazon Marketplace, maintaining a consistent customer experience is critical to the success of Amazon. To help with maintaining high standards, Amazon requires that their merchant maintain a high reputation score in order to continue listing their products.

Amazon tracks performance metrics across a number of factors including customer complaints, order defects, fulfillment efficiency, and overall customer satisfaction. If a merchant falls below acceptable levels, Amazon can temporarily remove your products from visibility in the Marketplace. Take too long to correct those issues, and you could be permanently locked out of selling on Amazon.

One of the challenges for volume merchants is with the efficiency of fulfillment. When an order is placed, the Amazon clock starts ticking. If the order is not fulfilled by the targeted date, you get a negative mark on your account. If that percentage of late orders exceeds 4%, you will start to get warnings from Amazon about delisting. Over 10% and your products will be blocked from displaying.

The key to keeping your scores high and your products visible is ensuring that you are notified the instant that an order is placed, and you can fulfill it within the window of time that Amazon demands.

The most effective way to achieve these performance goals is through automation of the notification and fulfillment communications processes between your storefront and the Amazon Marketplace. Amazon supplies a suite of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to allow merchants to check for new orders and inform Amazon and its' customers when an order has shipped in an automated fashion. However, utilizing these APIs requires in-depth programming knowledge, a good deal of coding expertise, and is often out of reach for many merchants.

The Virid marketAgility platform knows how to speak directly to these APIs and allows its merchants to process Amazon orders just like traditional website orders. Our system knows when it should communicate directly to the customer and when to inform Amazon that it should handle the communications instead. This level of integration lets your fulfillment team focus on getting your products to your customers quickly and efficiently and keeps your Amazon reputation score high.

Contact Team Virid and put the focus on your customers-- not dealing with Amazon code.

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Written by Steve Deller