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Customer Pain Points that Limit eCommerce Sales

Your customer is the heart of your business. Keeping them happy should be your number one priority in order to have a profitable business. But are you aware of these pain points your customers may be experiencing?

Slow site performance 

According to the Nielsen Norman Group, most users stay on a site less than 59 seconds before clicking away. If your site is slow to load, you are likely annoying consumers and losing conversions.

Not enough information

Customers are looking to make their own decisions when shopping online, and part of this process includes research. Help inform customer purchase decisions by writing clear, vivid product descriptions. Make the most of your product images by highlighting multiple use cases for each product, showing every possible angle of the product, and even including video if applicable. This gives customers the clearest picture of what they are buying, which reduces return rates. Additionally, incorporating ratings and reviews on your product pages provides social proof that gives customers the confidence to make a purchase. And, user-uploaded product images and Q&A can answer customer questions.

Tedious checkout 

A friction-filled checkout process is a surefire way to increase abandoned carts. Customers choose online shopping for speed and convenience, so don't stand in your own way by littering the checkout with roadblocks. Be sure to thoroughly test your buyer's journey to catch any unexpected pain points like this one. Additionally, if you do not offer a guest checkout, you should strongly consider it. Most customers don't want to be bothered with creating an account and logging in whenever they want to make a purchase on your site.

Hidden fees/expensive shipping

In the days of Amazon Prime, costly shipping (or really any shipping fees over $0) are sure to annoy your customers. Do the cost analysis, and if you can afford to offer free shipping, do it. Another option would be to include free shipping as a loyalty program perk to draw more customers to the program.

Inconsistency across channels

Omnichannel customer experiences are the way of the future. Customers want to be able to shop seamlessly on mobile, in stores, or across multiple channels at once. Creating a consistent and enjoyable experience across multiple channels is important to conversions. Making your site mobile responsive is the first step, so that customers can shop just as easily on their phones as they do on their desktop. Additionally, tying your in-store experience to your digital channels improves brand engagement and customer satisfaction. For example, implementing QR codes that customers can scan on products to see reviews for on mobile.

Not enough payment options

Part of an omnichannel customer experience includes allowing customers to shop where they want to, how they want to. With Apple Pay, Google Pay, and 1-click purchase buttons, customers expect options and ease when it comes to paying for online purchases. Consider adding multiple payment options like PayPal and Google Pay to meet your customers' needs. Virid's eCommerce platform, marketAgility, includes built-in integrations with multiple payment processors to allow your customers to shop just how they want.

Annoying returns process 

Just as easily as customers are able to buy your products, they should be able to return them. Customers will remain loyal to brands that offer simple, hassle-free returns policies. Outline your process clearly in multiple places on your site, and offer multiple shipping options for customers to return their merchandise.

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Written by Rachel Hobble