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Coffee with Virid: What is Dedicated Support?

Over the next quarter, we will be highlighting different members of #TeamVirid and providing insights into the different pieces that help your eCommerce website grow. Today, we sat down with Client Manager Kaitlin Keefe, to discuss dedicated client support. Kaitlin prefers her caffeine in the form of a chai tea latte, which she sipped while we spoke.

  1. What does dedicated support meant to you? Dedicated support means that I’m not just a Client Manager with a vendor, I’m an extension of my client’s team. We work together to optimize their site and customer experience.
  2. How do you experience Virid's culture of support and growth in your daily work? We have a guideline of responding within 48 hours to any client request, but we generally respond much quicker. As a Client Manager, I follow through with each request and see it to the end, whether that’s adding a feature or troubleshooting an issue.
  3. How does Virid manage the customer experience with clients? At Virid, the success of each client is our business. Client Managers respond quickly to each call, email or ticket to ensure the best customer experience possible.
  4. How do you see Virid's team of client managers growing in the next year? Our Client Managers are constantly learning due to the fast-paced, evolving nature of eCommerce. We love to research about new features and technologies to help our clients succeed.
  5. What are the three most important aspects of client management in the eCommerce industry? The three most important aspects of client management are partnership, efficiency and innovation. As a Client Manager, I view the partnership with my clients as my top priority to assist them in any way possible. The eCommerce industry is so fast-paced that Client Managers must efficiently work to find solutions to their client’s problems. Lastly, client management requires innovation. Many of the requests we get are issues we’ve never seen before, and you have to think outside of the box to offer the best solution to your client.

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Written by Rachel Hobble