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Coffee with Virid: Designing the Ideal Tech Stack

Jonathan Hudgins is a Sales Executive on #TeamVirid. We sat down over his preferred black coffee to discuss how retail brands can design their ideal tech stack.

  1. What does the "ideal tech stack" look like for an eCommerce business? This is exactly what we do so well with our customers and is part of VIRID’s business/value proposition, as their isn’t any one ideal tech stack. It’s all predicated on the customers/prospects business model, needs/goals, and budget. VIRID works diligently to understand our customers unique business model so we can create the best tech stack for their needs and growth affectively. In discussions with our customers and prospects we often hear they like our ability to scale to size, security compliance, extensive best in breed 3rd party network, and our valued service.
  2. What keeps most retailers from achieving the ideal tech stack? In my findings, what keeps most retailers from achieving optimal tech stacks for growth, is truly understanding the importance of the role it plays within the business model and understanding the need to properly invest.
  3. What steps are involved in an initial Virid site analysis? As part of our core values, “Our priority is supporting our clients, because their business is our business”. Brian and I’s very first step is to conducted a discovery call to properly understand their business model, needs, goals, and vision. This allows us to properly review the site analysis and convene the business value.
  4. What are some signs that you have outgrown your eCommerce platform? Some common signs that you might have exceeded your current eCommerce solution are stagnant online revenue growth or lower company ATV (avg. transaction value), outdated services, and inconsistent reports.
  5. What is the biggest challenge facing retailers today? In today’s market, there are plenty, however some of the most common challenges I hear from customers & prospects are establishing a stand out customer experience, and delivering a proper omnichannel / multichannel experience. This was apparent in working to secure our latest client, Peltz Shoes.

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Written by Rachel Hobble