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Building and Optimizing Your Marketing Tech Stack

An effective marketing strategy can make or break your eCommerce business, and a strong marketing tech stack can mean the difference between an effective strategy and one that misses the mark. Your marketing technology should integrate seamlessly with your eCommerce platform. At Virid, we build strong partnerships and even stronger integrations with marketing solutions providers to better serve our clients. These technologies integrate seamlessly with our enterprise-grade eCommerce platform, marketAgility. Below are a few different tips from our marketing partners on building your optimal marketing tech stack:


4-Tell is helping retailers drive growth through data-driven personalization and intelligent collaboration. We take a two-pronged approach to personalization: both machine and human-driven. Our machine learning layer works in real-time to understand the behavior and affinities of individual shoppers then dynamically recommending products and content that they’ll love. Simultaneously, our Smart CommerceSM Platform leverages the same data to give your entire workforce a complete 360 view of each customer and product. Access to unified data enables your teams to create impactful and memorable experiences driving higher conversion and increased loyalty.

[pullquote]"The first step in creating an optimal marketing tech stack is investing in a system that collects and organizes your data. Often, every channel of delivery comes with a separate system to house said channel’s data. This creates a disconnect between all channels that negatively affects a marketer’s ability to create a seamless multi-channel experience. In our ever-changing omnichannel landscape, data is key to survival and it’s crucial businesses effectively harness it sooner than later," Says 4-Tell Partner Manager, Dean Rosenberg.[/pullquote]


When you are building your marketing tech stack, solid marketing initiatives cannot be planned in a silo. Whether you realize it or not, the results of your marketing efforts are already working together. Compu-Mail works hard to help retailers drive growth by seamlessly integrating mail and digital campaigns in a symbiotic way.  As industry leaders in direct mail production with a fleet of fully variable digital presses and complete lettershop, our clients are experiencing some of the best response rates in history.

[pullquote]“It’s not print vs. digital anymore. While mail and print channels once fiercely competed against each other, today the most successful campaigns are integrated, and work hard to deliver a custom and fully optimized strategy for each customer," Says Allison Jensen, Compu-Mail's Marketing Manager.[/pullquote]


A lot of brands have equated social commerce with making an Instagram feed shoppable. The problem with that definition, though, is that Instagram's native product posts contribute just a fraction of a brand's overall social commerce revenues. In fact, for many of the brands we work with, less than 5% of their social commerce revenues come from traffic referred by Instagram's native product posts.

So where's the rest coming from? From social content, not just social traffic.

The shift that social commerce requires is not only thinking about ways to drive more engagement and more traffic from social, but also taking those highly engaging videos and images from social and re-using them to inspire customers across any touchpoint.

Curalate helps more than 1,100 brands do this. The result is increases in conversion rates, time on site and revenue per session.


Talkable is a growth marketing platform focusing on eCommerce. We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to help drive revenue and hit KPI’s through the use of our flexible referral platform. Referrals are often thought of as static programs. We have different campaign types to drive specific customer actions based on the goals of our partners. Talkable is changing the way referrals are used, breaking out of just acquisition and using referrals to drive retention, email sign-ups, offline purchases, increase CLTV and more. Our goal is to turn referral marketing into a repeatable, and scalable, revenue channel for your team.

[pullquote]"The best thing you can do is deliver a great product. As you're looking to optimize your tech stack, find tools that can fill multiple voids. Lay out your KPI's and work backward, identify the low hanging fruit and find tools to activate these initiatives, " Says Lee Srebnick, Account Executive at Talkable.[/pullquote]


Mobiniti is a modern SMS Marketing Platform created for today's marketers. Retailers directly reach their loyal consumers via text message on Mobiniti’s platform. Mobiniti helps retailers generate 40%+ CTRs and engagements through the use of keywords, MMS, mobile coupons, text to win contests, unique branded short links, and 30+ other features. Mobiniti also helps retailers capture data and integrate with other commonly used CRM, eMail, and eCommerce solutions to automate omnichannel efforts.

[pullquote]“The foundation of your marketing tech stack needs to include remarketing tools. They consistently generate horizontal growth. While you may be able to generate vertical growth from different marketing channels, it will be short lived if you do not have the proper remarketing tools in place. It’s imperative that you focus on measuring repeat purchase rate and engagements first to make accurate optimizations," Says Tanner Coleman, General Manager at Mobiniti.[/pullquote]

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Written by Rachel Hobble