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Best Practices for Optimizing your Site for International Shoppers

There’s a world of eCommerce shoppers available online and US brands and businesses want to captivate this growing class of new customers.  SkyBOX Checkout recommends the below tips to update your online store for cross border eCommerce success.

Advertise What Countries You Ship to.  Be upfront with your customers about where you are able to ship.  Nothing is more frustrating for customers than building out an entire shopping cart and learning at the checkout form that your country isn’t listed as an available shipping option.  Try adding a main banner image or messaging on the homepage of your site to highlight where you are able to ship orders.

Include Sizing Charts or Conversion Info.  Selling apparel or shoes online? Be sure to include on your product pages and FAQ pages relevant information for how customers can determine what size they’ll be with your brand.  This is important for your USA shoppers but even more so for your international customers who may be accustomed to a different sizing system.

Be Upfront About Duty/Tax Costs.  There are additional costs to consider for international eCommerce shipments.  Be clear to your customers about whether the price they see online is inclusive of duties and taxes or if those will be assessed upon delivery.  Look for Duties Prepaid Shipping Solutions (DDP) to allow customers to pre-pay for duties and taxes prior to delivery.

Provide Transparency on how Payment is Charged.  If you’re using a currency converter to display the price on your website in local currency make sure to indicate to your international shoppers how you’ll be charging them for the transaction. Are you handling multi-currency payment processing or charging your customers in USD? When charging international customers in USD there may be additional foreign transaction fees which the customer will incur. Be upfront with your customers so they don’t feel like they’ve been hit with hidden fees down the road.

Clear Info for tracking.  Once the order has been placed make sure to transmit relevant tracking information to the international customer.  Be upfront about who the last mile delivery partner is, what their tracking number is and who they should contact in case of delay.  This is especially important for Delivery Duties Unpaid (DDU) shipments where customers will be required to pay duties and taxes upon delivery.

Have more questions about international shipping or interested in learning how SkyBOX Checkout can help you successfully sell overseas? Contact us to learn more today.

About SkyBOX Checkout:

SkyBOX Checkout is a global shipping and payment solution that enables retailers to effortlessly expand overseas. SkyBOX Checkout’s end-to-end international solution is installed by API, app or plug-in. Top features include: multi-currency payment methods, competitive shipping rates via a proprietary network to 200+ destinations, guaranteed full landed cost calculation and protection from fraud. To learn more contact us, visit call 786-265-4800.

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Written by Rachel Hobble