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Building eCommerce with Trust and Stability

For over 17 years, we’ve been more than just a vendor: we’re your partner and your adviser. We take pride in creating technology solutions that make your life easier, because we believe that your success is our success.

Two Decades of Trust

Virid has been around for nearly two decades and has built a reputation for being a trusted eCommerce partner.  We’ve combined the technical expertise of a software company and the results-oriented support of a professional services group to form a company of eCommerce specialists.

Safety in Stability

A true alternative or complement to in‐house resources, Virid’s clients find that working with us enables them to minimize risk, develop new ideas, and manage web assets at a lower cost than working completely in-house.

True Partners

We focus on building “partner” relationships with our clients instead of the traditional “vendor” dynamics. Our financial success comes directly from our clients. We do not answer to stakeholders, so we are focused on your satisfaction first and foremost.

Hours of eCommerce experience

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Our Values


At Virid, we believe that taking care of each other makes us all stronger.


Our priority is supporting our clients, because their business is our business.


Our team is always on the lookout for ways to help and ways to thank each other.


We prize efficiency and initiative in our work with each other and the work we do with clients.


We cultivate relationships with our partners and coworkers because working together is more effective than working alone.


We believe smart support means knowing when to explain and when to lend a hand, and not nickel-and-diming every task.

Latest News

  • Virid Announces the Signing of a New Client
    Virid Announces the Signing of a New Client

    Virid Announces the Signing of a New Client Virid Signs the National Wildlife Federation as a New Client on the marketAgility Cloud Platform Reston, VA, May 20, 2019 – Virid, a team of eCommerce experts providing a comprehensive software and services solution for growing retailers, announces the signing of their new client the National Wildlife Federation on their Cloud platform

  • Virid Recognized for Prestigious Interactive Media Award
    Virid Recognized for Prestigious Interactive Media Award

    Virid Recognized for Prestigious Interactive Media Award Virid Wins at the 17th Annual Horizon Interactive Awards Competition Reston, VA, April 10, 2019– The Horizon Interactive Awards, a leading international interactive media awards competition, has announced the 2018 award winners to highlight this year’s “best of the best” in interactive media production. Virid was recognized for their excellence with one Bronze


What our clients say about us

  • From the beginning Virid has been the kind of partner that makes the argument for outsourced services.  Virid, and their marketAgility platform, has played a vital part of giggle’s more than 400% online growth. The easy to use marketAgility tools, ability to add custom features and site reliability are some of the reason for such growth.  We’re thrilled with their excellence and commitment to being part of the giggle team.
    Ali WingFounder and CEO of giggle
  • We conducted a thorough search to find the right partner who could share our outlook and goals for growth in the online space. What attracted Virid to us was their strong track record in helping their clients grow their online revenues, superb reputation for technical support and customer service, and their consultative, strategic approach, all of which was evident throughout this redesign.
    Don Rangione, President and CEOhats.com
  • As soon as we switched to Virid, the page loads decreased dramatically and there were no weird site outages or technical glitches.  But aside from the flexibility and reliability of the platform, Virid is a proactive partner, always bringing us new ideas on how to make our online business better.  Virid goes above and beyond.
    Kathleen TrippGiggle
  • Kangolstore.com was searching for a true partner to help us upgrade our ecommerce platform and to work with us to share our outlook and goals for growth.  We believe that we have found the best partner for us in Virid.  In all aspects of this redesign, it has been clear that they understand our business and have experience in helping clients build online stores that increase revenues, create superior shopping experiences and provide retailers with the tools and support to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.
    Bridget Hoagland, Director of eCommerceKangol
  • We view the team at Virid as an extension of our own team versus that of a traditional vendor.  The entire Virid team is very accessible and has been incredibly responsive to our needs for the 12 plus years we've worked with them.
    John TigheJourneys
  • Thank you for being a great Giggle partner.  From the beginning you have been the kind of partner that makes the argument for outsourced services.  Thank you for your excellence, commitment, and for being part of the Giggle team.
    Ali Wing, Founder & CEOGiggle

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