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    Virid Earns Three AVA Digital Awards for Creativity in Web Design

    - by Alexis Larsen

    Virid Earns Three AVA Digital Awards for Creativity in Web Design RESTON, VA, January 31, 2018 – Virid, a leading…

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    People working in a conference room with open laptops.

    Building a Brand

    - by Alexis Larsen

    Building a brand is so much more than just putting together a logo and making a catchy tagline—it’s a lifelong commitment to your buyers and users. Below are some key insights into building and maintaining your brand.

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    Apparel store with racks of clothing and a person standing in front of a mirror.

    Retail Trends: What You Can Expect in 2018

    - by Rachel Hobble

    With eCommerce growing at exponential rates, many brick-and-mortar stores worry about the future of their retail business. Will all shopping be done online from now on? How can retailers compete in this ever-changing environment? The answers may surprise you.

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    The Next Generation of “Cashless Payment”: Apple Pay

    - by Alexis Larsen

    The iPhone X has taken over the smartphone market in the past year, but that’s not the only technological advancement by Apple entering the spotlight. A cashless payment app has put Google Pay — now “Android Pay” — to shame, and its name is Apple Pay. This cashless way to pay allows iPhone users to authorize payments with just a thumbprint or passcode. Leave your debit and credit cards at home because Apple Pay has you covered in up to 4 million locations, and this is just the beginning.

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    Logos for Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities

    Meltdown and Spectre – What you need to know

    - by Lauren Shanta

    By now you have likely seen one of many news reports about security vulnerabilities in computer chips like Intel, AMD, and others. We at Virid created this quick FAQ to help you make sense of the reports.